Happy Beltane, friends!

My apple trees are masting this year, all clustered with sweet, creamy blossoms.

Apple tree sky

Looking up at apple tree blossoms, photo by Clara DeGalan.

This month, I’m easing into the green season with Robert Pogue Harrison’s Forests: The Shadow of Civilization. This sprawly treatise tells the story of Western humanity’s dream of wildland from Gilgamesh through Modernity, and reminds us that human-caused climate change and environmental degradation is not a new thing.

Forests: the Shadow of Civilization, by Robert Pogue Harrison, book cover

Forests: the Shadow of Civilization, Robert Pogue Harrison, book cover

When I’m feeling a call toward the liminal, in my studio practice and life, I look to the work of Remedios Varo for some perspective. She works dreams, archetypes, and alchemical landscapes into a uniquely feminine vision of initiation.

Remedios Varo

Work by Remedios Varo

Finally, I’ve been renewing my vows of devotion to the great Chan Marshall, stage name Cat Power.

The Greatest, Cat Power, album cover

Cat Power, The Greatest album cover, click here to listen.

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May you find your wilderness to wander into!