Hi friends,
I came home to Michigan at the gates of summer, and it already feels like the season is flying! I was lucky enough to be up north at the summer solstice, sipping wintergreen water and taking in some uncanny sunsets.

Uncanny Sunset by Clara DeGalan

This month I’ve been able to partake in, and share, the pure magic of my friend Audrey’s wildcrafted glycerite tinctures, available at her Etsy shop, Orchid and Crow Studio. Audrey’s Milky Oat glycerite tincture tastes like a warm embrace and has power to calm the most anxious mind.

Tinctures by Audrey Gidman

A sweet message from childhood came to me while preparing to donate the last of my mom’s vast book collection this month—I stumbled across an old favorite of hers and mine, Rien Poortvliet’s incredible genre-bending tome The Living Forest. A gorgeously illustrated field journal/phenomenological manifesto…the artist as shaman, indeed.

See you next month!