Pink Moon

Hi friends, all the light of early spring has found its way to Michigan! Still-bare branches catch the brightest sunlight as well as the blackest shadows, and it’s been filling my dreams, my camera roll and my paintings! I don’t intend to do this often, but in honor of April’s Pink Moon I’d like to share one of my own paintings, titled (surprise) Pink Moon! 

This month I’ve been spending the long-shadowed afternoons with White Magic, a collection of powerful, unsettling essays by Elissa Washuta. An unfolding narrative of horrific abuse and the sometimes dark magic of recovery winds itself around interrogations of Neopagan spirituality, which winds itself around the history of settler’s dismantling of Indigenous land and stories… deep, dense, raw, intimate, and increasingly hard to put down.

White Magic book cover, by Elissa Washuta

Podcasts are the main sound in my studio these days, and when I decide my work wants to hear intelligent stuff I switch on History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, a sprawling rich text hosted by Peter Adamson. When Prof. Adamson promises no gaps, he’s not kidding- the podcast begins with the Pre-Socratics and moves beyond the West to explore African and Asian philosophical traditions as well. His narration is engaging and easy to follow for this curious lay person, with a hearty sprinkling of acceptable dad jokes.



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